I like to think of our natal astrology chart as a map exploring powerful possibilities for our potential here on this planet. My job is to translate that map, helping you navigate your greatest gifts and challenges, with a playful attitude (we are, after all, on an adventure through this time/space reality, why not make it fun). Natal Chart readings are fantastic for souls who want to know themselves more deeply, who are sniffing out their purpose and dancing in the infinite possibilities that the universe offers us in these human bodies. I continue to be deeply honored to help people feel seen, feel celebrated, and feel in alignment with themselves. I am here to reflect you back to you. It's an incredibly powerful thing to have a stranger tell you your deepest feelings and intuitions based on a chart of the stars. It might just make you feel like you are exactly who you are supposed to be. 90 minutes. Sliding Scale readings are entirely up to you as to what you feel you can give.

Astrology Readings for Reparations: WHITE SOLIDARITY WITH BLACK POWER

30 minutes/$30 90 minutes/$75

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement works under the leadership of the African People's Socialist Party, organizing in the white community for reparations. As a member of USM I have committed to raising a minimum of $75 per month for reparations through my astrology readings. By booking a Reparations Reading with me your money is going directly to the Black Power Blueprint, supporting African communities’ autonomy. To learn more about USM and our commitment to African people's self-determination in the struggle for liberation visit www.uhurusolidarity.org.

30 minute readings take place via skype! 90 minute readings skype or in my office. I only offer one 90 minute reading for reparations per month.


You and your partner, you and your sister, you and your dog, make an entirely new energy when you're in union. When two people commit to love in any form, the relationship takes on a personality of it's own, almost expressing itself as a separate entity. Astrologers call it a Composite Chart. The energetic mash up that exists within your body/mind/soul meeting another totally unique vibe of another human is powerfully different in each situation, and each composite chart will show you the lessons you are learning, the gifts you are expanding and the obstacles you are overcoming together in your radical partnership. Relationships are incredible mirrors for us to better understand ourselves. Whether it's your business partner, or your long-time lover, I'd be honored to cradle the birth of the energy the two of you have created. 90 minutes.


Birthday celebration! Office party! Weird family gathering! I love working events because I get to blow your mind in a short amount of time. Realistically, to make all your guests SUPER happy, readings are 15 minutes each, which typically rounds out to 3-4 people per hour. For parties larger than 10,  feel free to contact me for a reduced hourly rate (though honestly guys, I won't work longer than 5 hours. My brain and magic powers are fried.) Happy party planning!


Readings take place in my studio in SE Portland at 1337 SE MLK BLVD, via skype or facetime and occasionally in person around the globe. 

I accept cash/check/venmo or paypal. I have a 24 hour cancellation policy, which I ask that you respect-- by the time of your chart reading I've already spent many hours studying and preparing your chart! I don’t require you to make a deposit, but if you need to reschedule I’ll ask you to pay in full for the chart reading to secure your spot for the future!