The potions of art and assistance I create live in the sweet intersection of science, spirituality and comedy. I study human behavior through astrology, acting, and my own consciousness so that I can help humans align with their most authentic selves. Whether through performance, the stars, Kundalini Yoga, or community events, my every move hopes to ignite your inner spark, encourage you to be kind to you, and to chase the magic that runs through your very own veins. 


I've worn many hats in my short amount of time on this planet.

 I lived in NYC for 10 years, graduated from NYU TISCH and moved to Portland so that I could rub elbows with more trees than people. In my two years back in my hometown I continue to work as a professional creator, actor and writer, often find myself down the metaphysical rabbit hole, and have consistently remained true to my belief in fairies. I create solo shows that elevate consciousness like MATTER IS MOTHER and provide platforms for people to perform their art through my performance collective ALL BOATS. I teach meditation classes, write poetry and make movement pieces about the joy of ever-expanding consciousness, and sometimes talk to people at my Grandmother's old folks home about how time is an illusion. I make comedic music videos with my best friends called SISTER WIVES.  I have a creative healing space called THE COVE that could easily have been decorated by a 7-year-old, with glitter, dolphins, and psychedelic waves. I take pride in holding hands with my inner child daily, and through her bright light I continue to explore my fascination with joy, seeking to live in more moments than not. I have a daily Kundalini yoga practice that keeps my vibes high and bright, and I share the teachings through weekly classes. I'm obsessed with immersive spaces that transport and shift the way we think about ourselves. I'm a real human beam of light passionately committed to my own spiritual and artistic expansion, particularly as a tool for when the going gets tough. 



"Any magic you see in me, is magic that exists in you. "-JAY BRAY

I'm here for all beings, from all planets, from all walks of life, from all stages of consciousness. I particularly resonate with aliens (that's probably you, since we're all just visiting this awe inspiring planet learning how to be earth children in the gift that is human incarnation!) I'm particularly interested in finding ways to ignite the spark of creativity and positivity within, and encourage it to blossom by holding energetic space and providing literal space. I'm honored you've found me. I'd love to hear from you whether you're seeking a teacher, a guide, a creator, a space or a friend. Let's talk, collaborate and know one another in love.