ALL BOATS is a collective that brings art and artists together in an authentic and powerful way.

Founded by Julia Bray, ALL BOATS performances take place over the span of an evening and bring together 6 multi-disciplinary artists that explore theatre, dance, song, film, stand-up, performance art and beyond.  The acts are carefully curated and meshed together by myself as producer to create a unique evening of new works. It allows performers a space to explore their creative process and expand their creative community.  After presenting, each artist is asked to nominate someone they feel would most benefit to create and present work.

 In this way, ALL BOATS continues to organically expand and generate a unique, diverse and inclusive community of artists. ALL BOATS believes in the power of unity rather than exclusivity--together, the art and positivity we create elevates us all. 

After 2.5 years in NYC,  All Boats expanded to the Portland, OR artistic community and as of June 2017 we made our premiere in Los Angeles, CA. We will continue to present performances in all three cities, three times a year.