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As we burst into the new year, the first new moon of 2019 supports us with Capricorn's grounded hooves, shining a light on our capacity to commit to ourselves. Capricorn teaches us that even on the days we don't want to, won't or insist we CAN'T, there is enormous liberation available to us if we show up for self- discipline. Could our relationship to discipline be transformed from any sense of lack, in which we are practicing in order to "be better", and instead be a force that tunes us back into our heart's calling, over and over again? Could our practices be a reminder of the why, the spark, the light, the love that we are humbly carrying through these vessels and translating into graceful action on this planet?

This new moon is a glorious time to say yes to our daily practice from a heart centered place, affirming our goals for 2019 as ones that will help the entire collective grow alongside us. This solar eclipse reminds us that commitment to the self is essential, so that we can be a platform of love as we scale the Capricorn mountain of ambition. If our hands are full grasping at what we "think we need" to look/feel or be successful, happy, stable, we will drop the ball again and again, isolating ourselves in the climb in the ego's need to see itself as powerful. We will find ourselves cold and alone at the top of the mountain, scrambling not to be stepped on by those "above us" while only feeling better if there are those we can smugly boast to "below". If we let our hearts lead, at the pace that feels right, towards the things that light us up with ease, joy and pleasure, our hands will be holy and open, aware of the abundant privilege we posses, ready to hold the fingertips of those who might need help climbing to a place that holds ALL of our happiness, well-being, and abundance.

In this workshop we will get an intimate look at where Capricorn is in your chart with a personalized astrology download, helping you to get specific about where the cosmos are asking you to focus. We'll be guided through meditative journey work, learn and discuss accountability practices, and organize an optional 40-day-practice portal of support for one another in the form of partner check-ins. Finally, we'll utilize kundalini energy to ignite our intentions into being, and echo into the universe.

Drop-In/Same Day Workshop Only $33

Individual Chart Download for New Moon Only $33

Astrological Chart Download & Workshop $40

Access to the Workshop Video Recording $20


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